How to Plant Leek Seedlings

Leeks are one of my favourite vegetables to grow – not only are they stupidly easy (you can basically plant them and forget about them until they’re ready to harvest), but they are also a really beautiful plant.  This Sunday morning, while most of my family was in back-to-back church services, I was covered in rain and dirt planting seedlings before the afternoon rain.  There is a specific way to plant leeks that will maximize the edible white bulb at the end… here’s how:

  • Poke several holes in the soil about the width of a broom handle… I actually used a broom handle to do this and it worked really well (I looked a little silly though).  Since I’m growing beds of leeks, I spaced mind about 4-6″ apart in rows about 3′ wide.
  • Gently tease the little leeks apart.
  • Plunk one seedling into each hole so that the first notch is just at the soil surface.
  • Gently water each seedling in.  Do not fill the hole back in with dirt – this will happen gradually and allow the seedling space to grow.

About fruitslaborious

When I made the decision to move to Vancouver, British Columbia the driving desire was to leave the small-town, country-girl life behind for the (somewhat) big city. True to form though, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and here I am longing for a garden, land and animals of my own. In 2010, Kyle and I took matters into our own hands and built our very own urban garden. Through trial, error and lots of sweat, we are happily here to keep track of the fruits of our labour (pun intended).
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